The Edge of the Sea: Telling your life’s story

Storytelling, with all its facets and colours can be both exciting and overwhelming. Tara invites you on a journey of self discovery, where finding meaning in yourself and the world around you can advance ideas and inspire your writing.

A workshop at the TEDxStellenboschLIVE event

27 April 2019

Hacking for Social Change

Designing better tech solutions:

Reflections on the 2nd place win at the GBV Hackathon 2019.

Women’s Week Talk: Engineering and Technology for Social Change

13 August 2020

Amazing Rare Look Into A Penguin Hospital: A Tara Omar Interview

Author Tara Omar shares her experience working with a penguin hospital with SANCCOB, in Cape Town, South Africa.

Interview: The Good News Review

19 July 2015