The end of the world—a cataclysmic disaster that destroys all life as we know it—has gripped the popular imagination for millennia. And yes, unless our sun happens to find the fountain of youth during its whirling journey through the universe, one day it’s going to burp and fade away, swallowing our little, blue planet as it goes.

But the end, in a way, is nothing new. Studying ancient history reveals so many worlds that have already ended, having lasted for lengths of time I can’t even fathom before falling to dust by murder, wear or cataclysmic disaster, or sometimes simply by falling asleep.

Yet somehow in their deaths, they still survive. Bodies rise from the bogs, pyramids stand against the wind, centuries of once-living culture compacts into a single skull or pottery shard. To walk the beach is to tread on crushed remains from ancient oceans, of beings that once lived and died under the sun.

For me, courses and experiences are quite a lot like that—little worlds that rise and fall through the tides of a year or two, leaving parcels of information behind like all other leaky things in the universe. If you listen to me long enough (or pretty much at all) all these bits and bubbles will start oozing out into the conversation and coming alive again, like a virus or a once-dehydrated tardigrade.

Below is a fairly good picture of what I’ve encountered on this tiny, blue planet as it saunters around the sun.

The Blueberry Log, Year 4.5e9


I have studied…

Applied Mathematics

Dynamics: Particles & Rigid Bodies * Statics * Vector Analysis


Drawing *  Handbuilding * Photography * Sculpture * Wheelthrowing

Biblical Studies

The Dead Sea Scrolls * New Testament  *  Hebrew Bible * The Synoptic Gospels



Computer Science

C Programming * Databases & Web-Centric Programming * Machine Learning * Object-Oriented Programming

Cultural Studies

Art History: Prehistory-Renaissance *  English Language & Literature  *  Intercultural Communication * International Studies * Japanese Culture & Religion *  Latin America & the Caribbean * South African Literature  * The United States Experience


Circuit Theory * Computer Systems * Control Systems  * Digital Design  * Digital Signal Processing * Electronic Design  * Electrical Energy Systems * Electromagnetics  * Electronics *  Environmental Engineering *  Frequency Domain Techniques *  Mechanics of Deformable Bodies * Mechatronics * Microprocessors  * Orthographic Drawings * Signal Theory * Stochastic Signals * Systems & Signals


Christian Marriage *  Moral Responsibility  * Perspectives on Life & Death * Philosophy and Ethics (for Engineering) * Roman Catholic Social Thought * Theology of Reconciliation & Justice


Ancient Hebrew * Arabic * French  * Italian * Voice


Differential Equations and Linear Algebra * Differential & Integral Calculus  *  Series & Partial Differential Equations * Symmetry

Philosophy & Religion

The Church in the World * Christian Thought: Reformation-Modern * Classical Judaism * The Development of Western Thought * The Evolution of the Western Idea since the 17th Century * Islam *  Jesus & Socrates: Faith & Reason * Marian Theology * Philosophy of Religion


Biology * Chemistry * Physics

Social Development

Grass Roots Organizing * Project Management (Engineering) * Rural Development * Social Impact Studies

Funsy Online Subjects (Completed)

Astronautics & Human Spaceflight * Avian Care & Medicine * Wine (global)

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