Garden Notebook

When it comes to bookish memories, Norbert Bransby, the war veteran-surfer turned programmer-gardener and inventor of the P.C. [purple cabbage] always tops my list. Maybe it’s the fun dialogue or because he gets away with being unapologetically difficult. Maybe it’s the beach vibe or his working knowledge of pentail tree shrews. Whatever the reason, he’s the one I thought of while making my holiday gingerbread and instagramming bugs. Now, he’s inspired my garden notebook.

Like Norbert, there’s nothing particularly fancy about the posts here, just scribblings of various things I’ve observed while gardening. It’s more for my records than for anything else, though I sincerely hope it helps you in your own green adventures. If there’s one thing of which Norbert always reminds me, it’s that life is fragile and could use some care. The more we can hone our skills while interacting with it, the better off we’ll all be in this, our wonderful world.


Notes concerning edible plants.