Top Six

From mischievous ancestors to cold, French winters, these are links to some of my favorite blog posts.


Skirting the Ancestors

When Tara visits a sangoma in this unassuming rondavel in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, she has a run-in with the ancestors she did not expect.


Raw Earth

During a bitingly cold winter at French monastery, Tara sees another side to nature beyond the landscape paintings.


Mr. Darcy

Tara explores the the laws of attraction through literature and math.


Salt of the Mind

In a (mostly-failed) attempt at practicing patience, Tara finds new appreciation for both art and science while growing salt crystals.


A Flat World

With whimsical Biblical references and sandwiches inspired by Kepler, Tara reflects on  the meaning of “reality” in her science fiction.


Ugly Universe

On love, memory and bugs.