Tara’s family immigrated to the United States from Poland in the early 1900s and remained involved with the local, Polish-American community in Chicago for the following hundred years. Tara spent most of her childhood serving morning and funeral masses before graduating summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts, Honors, in theology, art and international studies.

Tara received the Karl Rahner Award for Excellence in Theological Studies from Loyola University Chicago and is a member of the prestigious Phi Beta Kappa society.

Upon graduation, Tara moved to South Africa where she co-founded and ran a distribution company. She later left business to pursue a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and is currently studying.

She enjoys gossiping about art, animals and history.


My songful fruitcake of a biography, this is the story of how one plucky art graduate (me) went on to study engineering halfway across the world and survived (so far)… the Confessions of an Artsy Engineer.

Studies et alia

If you listen to me long enough (or pretty much at all) all these bits and bubbles will start oozing out into the conversation and coming alive again, like a virus or a once-dehydrated tardigrade.


When I was eleven, I aimed the Kodak digital camera I got as a birthday present out of the moving car and toward a nearby giraffe, snapping a bunch of photos as I went.


Before the merman, before the math, there was a girl with big dreams and a bright view of the world, melting crayons into hearts and folding voices into clay, thinking mostly impractical things…