Flamen’s hymn

Here begins a triangular world of absolutes,

Comprised of fire, sex and war.

Each loves only one other; the one not loved is hated by the same.

In the balance, an embrace warmed desires mischief, which wrecks havoc with dancing flames.

Fire loves sex loves war loves fire,

But the world is about to change.

You are fire; here is your choice. Choose to love war or force sex to love you.  Whichever you choose, the fate of the world is determined. War will love sex and hate you.

Or perhaps you are sex, with this as your choice. Choose to love fire or be loved by war. Whichever you choose, the world is again determined. Fire will love war and hate you.

And if you are war? Then this, your choice. Choose to love sex or be loved by fire. Whichever you choose  the world is determined. Sex will love fire and hate you.

As the embers turn violent, mischief infects the embrace. The embrace, in turn, longs again to be warmed.

Thus, fire loves war loves sex loves fire.

And if the embrace is warmed?

Such is the cycle of fire, sex and war.

The choice is but an illusion.

This story is based on the myth of Venus, Vulcan and Mars crossed with the illusion of choice from game theory.