He crossed to the Galleywags Bar and Grill in between the tropical foliage next to his casino, his eyes widening in the dim light. A giant, black flag with a mechanical skull and crossbones was singing from behind the drinks counter; it was programmed to adjust its manners according to a patron’s neckwear. The skull rambled on.

Splinter me timbers and twiddle your thumbs,
You’ll all be dead when the next storm comes.

“And what does this wasted landlubber… Oh, a very good day to you, Sir,” said the skull, seeing Gabe’s cravat. “How may I be of service?”

“Where is he?” asked Gabe.

“Starboard quarter, Sir, and may I perhaps offer you a treacle rum as a welcome drink?”

Gabe hurried to the back of the bar, while the skull called after him.

“Very good, Sir…and ye be warned, two sheets to the wind, if leeward on, go overboard. No hopes for landlubbers swell.”

Rebel Fires, Chapter 1