Despite the tremendous amount of effort I’ve been putting into my studies, some days I think it can only be by the grace of a higher power that my brain and I have made it to third year engineering.

Currently I’m trying to study for the upcoming A1 examinations while nursing a fever. One minute I’m deriving the output resistance of a Widlar current source; the next I’m reading about Cornelius Swartwout’s 1869 patent for the waffle iron and writing a limerick to an albino alligator.

When to town Snowflake came as a guest, 
Zookeeper laughed at his scaly white vest.
Said, "We planned no cotillion
For the lone crocodillian.
I'm afraid he's quite overdressed."

(Or, as an update with the proceeding A2 exam run, sketching eyes and billygoat brain eels. ) Procrastination level: expert.

What are your favorite ways to get distracted?