Sun and Silence

Twelve years ago I was gifted a wooden journal with gold-tipped pages, which I’ve used to record quotes I’ve found meaningful and beautiful things people have said or written to me. I later added lists of nice things done for me by loved ones, important family recipes, and most recently, subjects I’ve studied and adventures I have experienced.

If you don’t have a book or journal like this of your own, it’s something I can highly recommend. When boring, lonely and painful bits somehow always manage to seem the norm, it’s amazing to see how connected, loved and alive a single, ordinary person can be. It’s such a gift to remember it.

Beneath all music lives a silence. Silence carries the universe.

Silence beneath the waves… you know some people would call that space ‘nothing.’

Well, after having been treated like ‘nothing’ for so much of your time here I’m surprised you would be equally as insulting.

Rebel Fires, Chapter 77

In my books, the divine being is not “god” but Silence. In some sense that was to remain fictional and impartial; I did not want to decide for the reader whether this being existed or not. In another sense it was because I could not think of anything more fundamental, like the blank journal pages on which all these voices rest.

I’ve kept my notes and quotes private, but the adventures and exploits part of my journal has been shared on my blog in the Blueberry Log. Maybe my fun will spark memories or inspire new ones for your own journalized journey around the sun.