Operation Crispy Fern

In an event that can only be called “The Great Drying,” four beautiful fern plants were left outside, unwatered, in a South African February. By the time they were discovered, only half a leaf remained alive on one plant in a graveyard of brown.

It was tragic. In fact, I don’t think I’ve had such strong feelings about a planty mishap since the alpine strawberry harvest of 2014 (photo below).

The fern recovered to about four leaves before it was nearly murdered again when a new puppy saw its pot ousted to a no man’s land of neglect.

In July of last year, I made it my personal project to nurse the fern back to health with diligent watering and added humidity. We took a few baby photos along the way to encourage diligent care, and I am proud to say it looks better now in January than I’ve ever seen it. Its latest photo graces the top of this blog post.

Bouncing back, however, has been a really long process for this fern, which is probably an important life lesson about not being stupid in the first place. Healing takes time.