Darkness Rising

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about Lady Imaan and her bitter, somewhat “logically illogical” way of being. I sometimes wonder if the events she endured could have shaped her differently than it had in The Merman’s Mark and Rebel Fires, and what that difference could have looked like.

But I’m not very imaginative in that regard. More often I think of Raphael’s remark to her, in which he observed, “If darkness fills your eyes, perhaps you are going blind.”

It’s an obvious point and yet not also; sometimes it feels illogically logical, the foil to Imaan’s argument. Though blindness can suggest obliviousness, it could also be argued that physical blindness invokes a different kind of seeing, honing a skill in which one draws images from silence. In my own experience I think of obvious examples of undesirable dark but also of the opposite, of Tenebrae and beautiful hymns sung to the “Holy Darkness.”

What makes the difference? Love? Security? Something else?

Perhaps I haven’t seen enough to know.