Frustrated Philosphical

Uncooperative adders. They have been the bane of my existence the whole semester. All they have to do is add two numbers together, yet they are intent on being difficult. Practicals, midterms… and now, in what is otherwise a perfectly acceptable CPU, they seem set to fail me. In this particular case, it should not be that upsetting.  We have the instructions; and mine works mostly okay, unless you want to add past two, which, according to my processor, does not seem to exist.

The frustration is maddenly appropriate. If given half the chance I will tear a system apart and give a very insightful, authoritative opinion on how it’s working and what is wrong with it, but the woman can’t add.  My adviser for my first degree faulted me on this, saying once that anyone can criticize but that very few actually bother to be constructive. I was working in a religious context, so its weight as a legitimate opinion or an attempt at censorship seemed questionable at the time.  I simply hedged the language and accepted the award, but he did have an increasingly relevant point. Academics are awarded highly for thoughtful analysis, but their opinions on what to do with the findings are usually flowery, noble hedges that stay well within the space between one and two. It is perhaps unfortunate. There are a lot more numbers to add.