Three weeks of Silat: Malay martial arts

The Intro to Silat workshop was like stepping into another world of warriors and rice fields, where mental and physical agility had to be honed as much as the weapons they used. As we worked through the movements it felt like an ancient skill coming up through time.

I spent a fair amount of time philosophizing to myself about art, violence, control and other bookish things, though it’s a solid choice if you’re looking for self-defense skills, or maybe just as a superhero skill to whip out at nuptials or other events should something go amiss.

Deeply regarded as an art form, Silat skills are celebrated at traditional Malay weddings with demonstrative sword fights and the like. My instructor said these demos occasionally go wrong and end awkwardly (with someone dead). It’s cool to think one could potentially have the skills to whip out a stellar move and save yourself or someone from mishap during a wedding. Or otherwise. I would guess such a hidden skill would more likely exhibit itself otherwise, though the thought of a martial bridesmaid that just quietly saves the big day here and there is fun. Potential life goal? I’ll never tell.